Valid Bike Shop

The Bike Fed operates the Valid Bike Shop out of North Division High School. The shop maintains the 225 bicycle fleet used for our Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program, a partnership with Milwaukee Public Schools. Through the repair of this fleet, Valid also engages youth from the community, teaching them job readiness skills through bike repair.


Bike Donations and Drives

We welcome the donation of any bicycle, and encourage people to contact us (see below) regarding ideas or support for a bike drive in your community.

The Valid Bike Shop can steer bike donations toward any of three objectives:

  • To maintain a fleet of approximately 225 bikes necessary to serve the SRTS program.
  • To give bikes to students who participate in and complete the Earn-a-Bike program.
  • To sell used, refurbished bikes to the public, the proceeds from which go to further the current programs and growth of the Valid Bike Shop.

Types of bikes needed:

  • For the SRTS bike fleet and the Earn-a-Bike program:
    • BMX 20″ wheeled bikes, boys’ and girls’ styles
    • MTN bike 24″ wheeled bikes, boys’ and girls’ styles
    • Smaller sized 26″ wheeled MTN bikes in 13″-16″ frames, boys’ and girls’ style
  • For our used bike program: We will gladly accept any adult bike (road, mountain, cyclocross, BMX, etc.) that is not a department store bike and is decent condition.

The Wheel Cave at the Valid Bike S

News & Updates


If you live in the general Milwaukee area, donations can be dropped off at one of the two locations listed below. Please call or email us ahead of time so that we may schedule to meet and assist you.

  • Wisconsin Bike Fed – Milwaukee Office

3618 W. Pierce Street
Milwaukee, WI 53215

  • Valid Bike Shop

1011 W. Center Street
Milwaukee, WI 53215

Phone: (414) 255-0377