First Annual Fed Fest

Technically, Kevin Hardman, the Exec. Dir. of the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin, hosted the first Fed Fest at his Wauwatosa home in 2010. Earlier this year when the Bike Fed staff began planning for Fed Fest 2011, we all agreed it needed to be something that would be more inclusive or our 3,500 members across [...]

Share & Be Aware: Smart Driving

Rules of Road Sharing   We often hear from people that they’re uncomfortable driving around bicyclists and pedestrians. A Pemco insurance poll in Washington state showed that 42 percent of drivers are “somewhat uncomfortable” and 20 percent are “very uncomfortable.” The purpose of this Web page is to increase your comfort level around pedestrians and cyclists by: [...]

Share and Be Aware: Smart Walking

Many drivers don’t realize that they have to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk. Many pedestrians don’t realize this either and are very timid when they need to cross the street. Drivers are required by law to yield the right of way to pedestrians in a marked and unmarked crosswalk. The illustration to the left shows [...]

Share & Be Aware: Smart Bicycling

You can dramatically increase your safety on the road by: Making sure your bike is in good working order Observing traffic laws Being aware of road conditions Under Wisconsin law, bicycles are vehicles. That means that bicyclists on the road have the same rights and responsibilities as drivers of motor vehicles. If you know the [...]

Steel is Real Ride Redux

There were too many cool bike rides over last weekend.  From Bike and Dine in La Crosse to Gnome Fest in Neillsville (also home to Chatty Belle, the worlds largest talking cow) down to the Steel is Real Ride in Milwaukee, there were fun and off-beat bike rides going on in very corner of Wisconsin. [...]