Share and Be Aware July Update

As part of the Share & Be Aware program, the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin staff have been working hard to educate pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists about their rights and responsibilities for ensuring each others’ safety on the road. Whether you are on foot, on a bike or behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, we [...]

Lamers Connect Bus Line Now Bicycle Friendly!

Thanks to the efforts of some members of the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin and the open minds of management at Lamers Bus Lines, Inc., it is now possible to more conveniently and affordably transport bicycles on the network of Lamers Connect intercity bus routes across Wisconsin.. Bicycle transport policies of the intercity bus industry often require at least [...]

Fear mongers be gone! Riding a bike is safe.

In the last six weeks four people have been tragically killed while riding bicycles in Wisconsin. The headlines in the newspapers can’t help but trumpet that seemingly alarming statistic, and not surprisingly many of the comments under the online versions of those stories were equally alarmist and typically, patently untrue.  As a certified and insured bicycle [...]