To Market to Market

I had my doubts, but how could I not try it with this sign?

Over the weekend I broke out of my rut and tried a new farmers market.  I have been going to the West Allis Farmers Market for about 20 years, so I have some loyalty.  But I had heard good things about the Wauwatosa Farmers Market, it is a lot closer, and well, check out their sign to the left.

Even though they had a bike with a basket on their sign, I had no expectations that there would be a lot of bikes there. At the West Allis Farmers Market, there are usually only a couple bikes in addition to mine. But I could not have been more wrong. There were so many bikes there that the bike racks were full and people had to lock up to any fence or pole available.

I did not think there would be anything really worth taking photographs of, so I left my cameras at home. When I got to the market I only had my iPhone camera, hence the lower quality images. I did use a Tilt/Shift Generator ap that can upgrade the image quality and add the effects. A little kitchy and can get old quick, but I don't mind it once in a while.

Along with all the bikes came the people who rode them there.  I ran into a few friends there.  And I made a new aquaintence, 9-week-old Nora who rolled in with Nate and Amanda.

Nora at 9 weeks. Cute is an understatement.

There were a lot of great farmers and other vendors there.  I hate to change a tradition, but the ’Tosa Farmers Market won me over.  I will be going there every weekend from now on.

Yes they taste as good as they look.

I love the chainring on Ken's super clean Raleigh 16.

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Dave was the first full-time staff member hired to open the Bike Fed's Milwaukee office 15 years ago. A former professional photographer and life-long Milwaukee resident, Dave likes wool, long rides, sour beer, and a good polar vortex once in a while.

4 thoughts on “To Market to Market

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  2. Although all of the markets have their unique draw, we’ve been won over by Tosa. The market is smaller than some, but high quality and the route for us is a very pleasant 10 mile jaunt.

    When we first started biking in at the beginning of the season we were often the only bikes in the rack. Now when we pull out, it is a joy to see all the bikes of all types and sizes. But, people, will we be seeing you overfilling the much smaller bike rack at the winter farmer’s market? :-)

      • The winter farmer’s market was held last year in one of the buildings at State Fair park. In early winter there were still root vegetables and cabbages; during the rest of the winter there were some awesome artisan cheese makers, bakers, mushroom sellers, prepared food sellers…..oh, oodles of things.

        The winter farmer’s market gave us a reason to pull out bikes in the winter. We discovered the joys of riding over packed snow with studded tires, that you can remain comfortable below 32F, and that freezing fog can be fun to ride through. Not to mention that we had a constant supply of fresh mushrooms and unique Wisconsin cheeses.

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